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Review: Courtney Barnett – Live At Electric Lady Studios.

cbAustralian singer, Courtney Barnett released a live EP this week, Live At Electric Lady Studios, which incorporates some great tracks from her repertoire – you can listen to this right now on Spotify. With a deadpan style to her sound, Barnett is one of the greatest talents coming out of Australia right now, you can find a link to this new recording here.

Her sound live sounds fuzzy and raw, but it works perfectly with her style on this record with raw guitars and easy vocals that makes this sound incredibly good throughout. Tracks such as Canned Tomatoes stick out for this particular reason, as it brings those good things altogether perfectly – the live audience adds to the show, giving the set an atmosphere that really adds to the recording.

Barnett has some great tracks such as History Eraser and Avant Gardener which both appear on this studio record and how good they are show on this record easily, the sound of this record makes for such great listening and her almost spoken word lyrics resonate so much more live, that’s what makes this record so good. If you haven’t heard of her, I have on idea why after listening to this, fusing some great folk sounds and her lyrical style perfectly together.

Worth a listen if you want a sample of Barnett’s style, Live At The Electric Lady Studios is certainly a collection of highlights of her work. Tracks that stood out for me on here are Avant Gardener and Scotty Says, but if you like acoustic and folk, this is the record for you.




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