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Review: Sleepwalker – Holy Hell.

Sleepwalker, a US post punk rock quartet band release their new album Holy Hell on the 13th November and will be playing shows around the US in support of the new record which is about making mistakes and having no regrets in making them. You can see the video for title track Holy Hell here.

Full of relentless energy and attitude and a swagger that only this band can do, Holy Hell has some great melodies throughout the record which have that throwback feel to the eighties and sometimes not in the best of ways, Bad Bitch for example, however this band redeem themselves on tracks such as The Baghdad Boogie. The track which opens with the sound of The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B, and somehow they make it work perfectly on their opening track of the record.

Writing wise this band are catchy as hell and make some great choruses on this new record, Gimme Your Love has a great energy and a way of getting stuck in your head really quickly and that shows throughout the album, however they seem to follow the same pattern of writing, something you pick up on as you listen to this record, however this band have some great lines, and there’s some really nice lyrics throughout which with their energy work really well together, Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World makes it not so loud and clear.

Holy Hell makes a great record full of big riffs and huge choruses that live will work incredibly well, singalongs should be abound with big songs like these in a set. Some things could certainly be improved here, there’s no denying as this album in places doesn’t connect together well, however this is a great sophomore album and if you like a good rock record, Sleepwalker’s Holy Hell is the record for you. Highlights for me on this album You Are The One, The Baghdad Boogie and title track Holy Hell – full of frantic energy, go give it a listen.



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