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Review: Heirlooms – Stepping Stones EP.

heirloomsAustralian pop punkers, Heirlooms release their debut EP, Stepping Stones on the 17th November, and it’s an apt name for the Golden Coast band as they create a great debut EP on their first step to success as they begin something new after a break for the band, these tracks are a good start.

It’s a short but sweet EP here, with only two tracks on Stepping Stones, however, less is more in this case with some classic pop punk guitar riffs appearing on Top Heavy and vocals that are reminiscent of bands such as Man Overboard, the track is the essence of pop punk and it’s no bad thing as the band find a sound for themselves.

Second track Alive is a lot more subtle with a very nice acoustic sound and some great writing – this second more original than their first. Heirlooms have two very different tracks which work together here on this EP extremely well – my only complaint would be is that it is too short, however with the changes the band has gone through recently this is only to be expected and they should be proud of what they have put together on here.

Stepping Stones is certainly an apt name as the band start trying to find their own sound here on their new EP, and it’s certainly worth giving a listen as this band find their musical feet. Both tracks are great and I look forward to what else this band can do as they create a new name for themselves. If you like State Champs or Man Overboard, this is the band for you.




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