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Review: Audio Poets – Make A Scene.

apAudio Poets release their new album Make A Scene today. Produced with Geoff Rockwell whose worked with bands such as Forever The Sickest Kids and Crown The Empire, it should sound pretty good. The band fuse rock and synth together well and are reminiscent of bands such as Rage Against The Machine, which is rarely a bad thing.

Full of a raw attitude with some big choruses throughout the album the band certainly know how to write, with tracks such as Not My Time near the beginning of the record being  a prime example of all the good things lyrically coming together and that goes on throughout the record. Tracks such as Revolution and Burn stand out for those same reasons with big hooks that can get stuck in your head incredibly easy.

Make A Scene has some great melodies too and some excellent riffs, Wounded Eyes has one of the guitar highlights on the record with a huge riff and opener on the record The Anthem really starts  the record with a great riff that really sets the sound of the album brilliantly. The vocals work perfectly with a rough and raw vibe which works with the music and for a great sound on Make A Scene, bringing together the band’s influences perfectly.

Audio Poets have been inventive and really stand out with great melodies and vocals that make you pay attention on Make A Scene and it’s a great listen throughout the album, some tracks  on the record seem a little out of place, but as a whole this album works and Audio Poets certainly have made a great album worth giving a listen. Highlights for me on this album are title track Make A Scene, The Anthem and Burn, though as a whole this album is consistently great –  it’s one of the most unique debut records I’ve heard from a band this year.



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