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Review: Light Years – I’ll See You When I See You.

Light Years released their new album on Friday through Rude Records. The band release their follow up to ‘I Won’t Hold This Against You’ with new record I’ll See You When I See You as they bring their teenage angst into their twenties. You can hear the record, as it’s now streaming over on the Alternative Press site here.

Full of those classic pop punk guitars from the onset of the record, with some great energy and bounce throughout the album, Light Years certainly know what they’re doing, it’s not new but it is good as they get into the record. The riffs are pretty good giving the record a nice energy throughout, tracks such as Rearview and Living In Hell are perfect examples of that.

In some ways the rough production lets it down a little, giving a fuzzy sound to the record that I don’t think works here, however the vocals do sound good from the start, with a clear sound to them and the writing isn’t at all bad, with some big hooks and choruses that are consistent throughout, tracks such as The Summer She Broke My Heart spring to mind as a good display of these great things about the record coming together.

Light Years do have some great talent on this record, with some great riffs throughout that really bring the energy on this album and partnered with the excellent drum work o show from the beginning of this album it really shows what this band’s rhythm section can do. And with some great writing it does work, it’s needs something to set it apart in a very busy genre. Highlights for me on this record are Let You Down, Cracks On The Ceiling and The Summer She Broke My Heart.



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