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Review: Sheer – Uneasy.

sheer uneasy coverSheer release their new album, Uneasy through The Native Sound on the 20th November. Formed in the Summer of 2014 the band release their debut album created with a mixture of shoegaze, alternative and grunge the band make some awesome melodies, you can hear some of them on Gold Flake Paint now.

This album begins with a flair for the dramatic with big melodies and synth that really get this album begun and matched with the ethereal vocals it works, but this is no album that’s a one trick pony, with catchy melodies on tracks such as Ojai that work with Almaguer’s vocals perfectly – the subtle guitar work on each track, really making each track as the album goes on.

The melodies really do take centre stage here and there’s a mixture of slowed down grunge vibes (Orion comes to mind) to rock sounds that really make this album work together, tracks such as Cursed Again has that great riff running through it and an indie rock style  to it that really works in the middle of this record.

Written with some real depth and emotion throughout, the melodies really bring a melancholic feel to the record here, tracks such as Bored To Death really make that depth clear, and this continues throughout the album, it is simply written in places, however the music more than makes up for that with some great riffs and vocals that are just magic to your ears.

Sheer’s debut has huge sounds, brilliant harmonies and excellent guitars that brought together sound effortless together, it works incredibly well throughout, each song working with the next, Uneasy is a very easy listen from beginning to the end. Highlights for me on this record are Ojai, Yesterdays Weather and Cursed Again – but this album as a whole is a brilliant listen and selecting highlights of it, seems very wrong.




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