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Review: Tigress – Human EP.

Tigress, (the band formerly known as The Hype Theory) released their first record under their new name this week, the Human EP through LAB Records. The band recently seen on Warped Tour UK they begun gaining attention and you can see the band’s first video for track Alive here.

Katy Jackson’s vocals are awesome throughout this EP, with soaring vocals working with the melodies from start to finish, tracks such as Future though a little repetitive in places, really do showcase how good her vocals are and the change for the band I think is a good thing, this whole EP makes that clear from the start.

The melodies created on this record certainly match her voice, creating some dramatic drops on this record that work perfectly, the drop on tracks such as title track Human work brilliantly and the picking  up of the pace on tracks such as Miracle are brilliantly done. The writing is strong too, with some big choruses that live will work incredibly well, if you can’t join in with these tracks you shouldn’t be there.

Human has a lot of awesome qualities from start to finish, with some great melodies and some excellent vocals and combined with some nice lyricism, it sure is a good start for the band who debut with a very strong EP. Highlights for me on this record are Human, Miracle and Fire however this whole record works perfectly together and is certainly worth a listen.



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