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Review: Renaissance Fair – Self Titled EP.

Indie rock band, Renaissance Fair release their self titled record on November 20th. The bringing together of a great collection of musicians, Renaissance Fair relocated to Nashville and recorded this new record where they created a sound they consider unique, and going by this four track, it certainly shows they’re right.

The band have some unique guitar melodies in most tracks and the use of different synth sounds in combination work brilliantly on this self titled EP, creating some really nice grooves that work perfectly throughout. Tracks such as Dimmsdale and I Hope You’re Doing Well are proof of the creativity in the band’s melodies, though in places some melodies can sound quite familiar particularly in the middle of the record.

The vocals are strong throughout, with a nice harmony in every song on the record. The writing is nice too, with some strong choruses on the EP and a very poetic style to the writing which works in every song – the band certainly have a unique way to make the words fit their sound and most of the time it works on this record, making for some stand out tracks.

Renaissance Fair have introduced themselves incredibly well on this their debut record and sure it needs a bit of refining, however there are some awesome vocals and some great writing on this EP which are certainly things to take forward, the music in places showing what these guys do best, making music. Highlights for me on this record are I Hope You’re Doing Well and Dimmsdale, a solid start for the band, it’s certainly worth a listen.



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