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Review: Boston Manor – Saudade EP.

bms.jpgSaudade means to be poetically or lyrically melancholic or in longing of something and listening to Boston Manor’s EP, this makes a lot of sense listening to this. Boston Manor release their new record through Pure Noise Records, the first british signing to the label. The band then tour with Chunk! No Captain Chunk! Next month.

It may seem melancholic lyrically, but Boston Manor do bring their energy they always have on their EP, Trapped Nerve really kickstarting this record off perfectly, with big guitar riffs and the raw vocals that this band do fantastically – Asleep At The Wheel illustrates this perfectly too bringing their best elements together.

It is melancholic this EP, but you’ll be glad that you’re sad listening to this with some big choruses and some strong writing , Boston Manor live in the near future already have a strong set, but with the inclusion of tracks such as the ones on Saudade particularly Trapped Nerve, it’s going to be like The Hulk, with some tracks that really change the pace, Saudade is how you want to debut on your new label.

UK pop punk has come into it’s own over the last year, and Boston Manor are one of the bands that are really making their mark in a genre filled with talent, Saudade having a relentless pace as soon as it opens, I think the band have more to do in making their own sound, but it’s a good record. Highlights for me on this record are Asleep At The Wheel and Gone – you can listen to the whole of the EP and choose your own highlights over on Rock Sound now here.





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