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Review: ESKA – Self Titled.

Eska’s self titled album was up for The Mercury Prize and it’s going to be a great listen, as only some of the best records the UK make are up for the award, and as she releases songs from her Maida Vale sessions, I thought it was a good time to listen to Eska and her uniquely trippy folk sound.

The vocals are beautiful from the first note on this album, This Is How The Garden Grows is that slow burning late night track you need in your life, with gentle and raspy vocals that work harmoniously with the melodies created with the drum work and the piano sounds, it really comes and flawlessly works together.

Tracks such as Rock Of Ages really highlight the incredible voice Eska has, you can hear the passion she has for her songs on this track so easily, and that’s reflected throughout the record too, it makes sense that a record like this would be up for the Mercury Prize. Eska has a way with her voice of making it subtle and easy and then bring this powerhouse of vocals to the fore with force and it’s just so awesome to listen to when she is at her best on this her debut.

A debut album that’s hard to forget, Eska does create an amazing sound on this her first record, and if this is how she begins, I have no idea what more she can do and I look forward to her future work. It’s unique, each track has it’s own sound, her voice is flawless, I think there are songs which are have some weak writing – To Be Remembered just doesn’t sit well on this record, but this album’s strength is the music she creates. Highlights for me are This Is How The Garden Grows, Rock Of Ages and Shades Of Blue.


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