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Review: The Tumor Called Marla – Trance EP.

Trance is the first EP from Budapest and female fronted post hardcore band, The Tumor Called Marla who release their debut record through Imminence Records today. The band led by Anna Burai have been gaining attention in their homeland and listening to Trance it’s pretty clear why.

The sound as soon as the record begins is a dramatic smash to the eardrums with huge synth melodies and pounding drum beats that in combination with Burai’s vocals are pretty damned intense straight from the start. Tracks such as A Different Tension are huge tracks and it’s made pretty clear why this band got signed.

The screaming vocals are awesome too, there’s no doubt about that, tracks such as title track Trance are made by the addition of Geros vocals and combined with Burai’s vocals, these are just spot on in this track and it continues throughout the EP. The writing though does help an incredible amount with some raw and aggressive writing and some big hooks that really work – Basement Tapes for example is a perfect track to see this and with those riffs, that song goes off.

Trance is a pretty strong record and a pretty damn original one, the band making an EP that truly is their own contribution to the genre. Dramatic from the moment it begins, Trance is a great record with so much relentless energy, it’s certainly going to only get them some more attention, if you’re ignoring this, you’re a little foolish – sure maybe some production could improve but this really is a strong outing from the band who are just getting started. Highlights for me are Obsession and A Different Tension, well worth a listen.



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