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Review: Body Of Songs – Various Artists.

bosvaBody Of Songs is a compilation record of different artists including Ghostpoet and Bat For Lashes and the compilation was released yesterday. Body Of Music is a collection of songs from some of the UK’s greatest artists and it certainly shows inspired by the human body, combining music and science in a unique way.

It takes a while to find real treasure on this record as sometimes it feels some tracks are too long and it’s difficult to really to get into it as the musicians are diverse and so it lacks connectivity. Tracks such as Grateful Heart have a great idea, with the heartbeat beat running through but it’s long and it feels like a idea not fully developed.

But there are highlights on the record here, tracks such as Afrikan Boy and Play, Pause and Rewind create some great beats and some strong vocals that really make for a stand out track and Skin Song the addition to the album by Bat For Lashes, is awesomely written with a nice melody, Skin Song is one of the highlights in the second half of Body Of Songs. Follow Me Through with the robotic and electronic style from the start makes itself stand out from the first note and makes for a great listen, with the percussive sound, it really kickstarts the best of this record.

Body Of Songs is an interesting idea, creating music like the human body and there are highlights throughout, which goes the same on an actual human body, there’s always parts you like more than others. Highlights for me on this record are Electric Abyss by Goldie, Skin Song by Bat For Lashes and (Ooh Ah) Carolina by Raf- and interesting record whose second half really makes up for the record, it’s worth a listen for interesting melodies and a crop of some awesome talent.



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