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Review: Fable Cry -We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are.

We'll Show You Where the Monsters Are cover artKnown for creating music in a very theatrical way, Fable Cry certainly continue that on new record, We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are, which you can listen to here through their Bandcamp. Sounding like the kind of band that would fit perfectly in a Tim Burton movie, Fable Cry certainly have created a unique record.

Creating a cacophany of noise on this album, each track feels like organised chaos with varying sounds being made creating some really dramatic songs, full of theatre and panache, in places it can almost be cheesy, tracks such as The Good Doctor certainly show that, however it does work on this record, each song working perfectly together throughout the album.

The vocals are perfect for this record, the album feeling something that should be watched instead of just listened to, tracks such as You Ain’t My Baby No More sounds like the kind of song with the monologue in the middle of it, that should be in a musical. Lyrically for the most part it’s strong and the choruses are huge but some tracks are a little bit of a let down, Fancy Dancing comes to mind here but for the most part Fable Cry make some really great songs with fascinating subjects and spanning a wide range of styles that certainly keeps you listening.

We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are is a strong record created with different instruments and sounds that really set it apart from anything else I’ve ever heard, Fable Cry have made an album that is seen to be believed quite literally, with an album that is mean to be played live, as this album is something that should be acted out, full of mad brilliance, it’s a stand out record. Highlights for me are The Zoo Of No Return, You Ain’t My Baby No More and Dead or Alive (For Now).





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