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Review: Cute Cute Death -Vessels.

ccd.jpgCute Cute Death release their mini album, Vessels on December 7th. The post hardcore band who describe their sound as ”like a monkey casually humping a llama that borrowed a cheese grater to chew on while they take to the hills on a kawasaki ninja”  if you’re curious as to what that may sound like, Vessels is the answer.

Forster’s vocals on this EP are clear cut and brutal on this record, with a screaming voice that sounds brilliantly sharp throughout Vessels, ripping through the album like an axe, it sounds awesome from the beginning to the end, tracks such as Alarm and Glass Eyes make it abundantly clear.

The rhythm section in this band works incredibly hard on this record on every track, with huge drum melodies giving each track a fantastic foundation to really add some rough and ready guitars straight on top, tracks such as Red Lights seriously showcase the best of their work on Vessels, however this band can bring synth influences in to their music – when the album breaks for Interlude, it certainly shows how this band really show different influences and sounds to the fore, which is never a bad thing.

It’s not groundbreaking, and much has been heard before, but what this band have done is create a new layer and style to a very busy genre, tracks such as Statue bring a brilliant acoustic vibe to the record and the use of synth in their interlude doesn’t fit on this record, however it does show this band are experimenting with different sounds, its a shame it doesn’t really work here because alone it sounds great it just doesn’t connect the record. Highlights for me on this record are Leave This City, Statue and Alarm, if you like a good riff, Vessels is the record for you.


EDIT: The band now release Vessels in February.


One thought on “Review: Cute Cute Death -Vessels.

  1. Hi there,

    This is Johnny from Cute Cute Death, just realised Hayley never contacted you about the release date changes. We will only be releasing the album on Feb 18 next year.

    Thanks for the review, appreciate it!!


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