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Review: Lord & Lady – Self Titled EP.

Lord & Lady are a duo that are certainly beginning to make waves as they are one of Noisetrade’s featured artists this week due to the release of their self titled EP which you can listen to right now and download over on Noisetrade here.¬†Reminiscent of duos such as Oh Honey, it’s a great debut.

The harmonies created by Panchal and Oatley throughout their EP are just stunning, their vocals melt together brilliantly, and it’s just delicious to listen to from start to finish on their self titled. Opening track A Little Longer illustrates easily how perfectly her sweet vocals work with his, it’s a nice listen.

Melodies too are strong here, the pop folk style of Nothin’ At All comes together really nicely on this record with a strong guitar melody and with a hook like the one found in the record it becomes one of the highights of this collection of songs. Tracks such as Love Is A Choice have darker melodies which work so well with the harmonies the duo make, it’s just brilliant acoustic work on this EP and certainly deserve so much more attention.

Lord & Lady here have made what seems to be an effortless record, making for such a lovely listen, it’s no surprise listening to this that they are gaining attention. Stunning harmonies and elegantly simple melodies, their self titled debut is something they should be proud of here. Highlights for me are Nothin’ At All and Love Is A Choice, but it will be the best four dollars you spend today if you bought this EP, if you like acoustic, you’ll love this.





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