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Review: Spoken – Breathe Again.

Spoken have been around a long time, Breathe Again being the bands eighth studio album and with first single Breathe Again, the title track, coming out in March with Matty Mullins, frontman of Memphis May Fire, this album sure has a lot of talent on it. You can see the music video for Breathe Again here.

There’s a lot of great on this record, with some big crashing melodies here that really work throughout the record, sometimes however some songs tie in together far too well, however when this band brings tracks such as All I Wanted and Beyond The Stars to your attention it does make for a great listen, with huge melodies and some awesome guitar work in places.

This band’s writing is strong throughout with some big hooks but with some real depth in places, track such as Your Memories Are Alive Again and Nothing Without You really display that emotional and brilliant depth to their lyrics, but with some big hooks and use of audio to really accentuate the vocals. The vocals are excellent on this record, the production on tracks such as Falling Apart really present the voices to perfection, the song isn’t one of the best but really showcases some of the best parts of this record and the band.

Breathe Again is a great record bringing the best of what Spoken does on record, with some huge melodies, raw vocals and some good writing in places, Breathe Again is a good return from the band, who certainly know what sound they want to make on this record and certainly will get a live show started with some of the tracks on this their new album. The album working together well all the way through. Highlights for me on this record are Beyond The Stars, Walking In My Dreams and Falling Apart.



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