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Review: Mr Shiraz – 21 Grams EP.

shirazMr Shiraz released their EP, 21 Grams on the 7th December, and some things are worth waiting for as they release their EP at the end of the year. The band who have been gaining some good attention for some time are certainly creating some great things here, and you can hear Gleaming The Cube here.

This band create some great energy and bounce on this EP that is uncompared, it’s just such a great record to listen from the start, 21 Grams, the title track has such an awesome melody and lyrics that were written just to get jammed in your head for weeks on end, and this energy just keeps going on throughout the record.

The band do really work together, it makes sense that most of them are related as it works so well together it just seems quite natural.  With some really big guitar riffs that work throughout this record, it makes for a great listen – they also bring a unique sound to their songs, really bringing new things to this EP, which makes it a really awesome listen for the most part, sometimes some of the tracks sound similar. The vocals working with this sound awesome, the production really working for this band as it really makes it clear how good this band are throughout.

Mr Shiraz really have made some fantastic music on 21 Grams, melodies with huge bounce and oodles of energy, this band have some incredible talent and it’s worth giving a listen to as soon as possible and letting those songs be your new earworm for the rest of the year, and your next one. Highlights for me are 21 Grams and Cusack.



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