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Review: My God, It’s Full Of Stars – M29 EP.

My God, It’s Full Of Stars is the solo project of Rob Sweitzer, formally of band, Mae, releases his new EP next week, M29 through Spartan Records. You can hear a sample of this EP thanks to Diffuser right now as they premiere track, Lightness Of Being, a highlight of this short record.

From the start of the record there are some really elegant and beautiful melodies that work excellently together on this EP, tracks such as opener Sangre, with tracks such as Interstellar and Lightness Of Being begin to display the depth of the music making on this record,  the multi-instrumental layers on each of these tracks sounds amazing from start to finish.

The vocals work perfectly with the melodies created on M29 but the writing matches the depth of the music being made on this record too, tracks such as Saved have some excellently written verses and this continues in every part of this record with some real poetry on display on this record. In some ways it suffers from it’s own brilliance, as sometimes it feels too slow and in places this record needs some pace, that just doesn’t happen here.

M29 is a great EP which on listening to, you can hear the thought going into it, it feels precise and detailed, and it makes for some amazing melodies that work perfectly with Sweitzer’s vocals throughout, with some excellent writing too. Highlights for me on this record are Saved and Lightness Of Being, M29 is a showcase of some excellent musicianship.



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