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Review: The Heavy Howl – New Mistake EP.

New Mistake - EP cover artNew Mistake, is the new EP from The Heavy Howl which you can give a listen to now here on their Bandcamp. Hailing from New York the band have been gaining attention and it’s clear why from the four tracks on New Mistake with big beats and great harmonies, that shouldn’t be missed.

This band know how to make some amazing beats, creating well crafted grooves from the start of this record, and it sounds awesome put together on every song. Tracks such as Run And Hide, certainly demonstrate what this band can do, with big riffs and some what seems simple drum work, that is certainly effective on every track.

The Heavy Howl also have a way with a hook as well, with some good writing and some strong choruses that work throughout each track – Radio and Run And Hide make that clear, however there’s some nice writing that matches perfectly with the music they make, tracks such as title track New Mistake makes for a great combination of all this band do best.

The Heavy Howl certainly don’t make many any mistakes musically on this record, it works well together throughout, with the creation of some nice grooves and beats and the vocals work excellently, the vocal layers from the male and vocal singers work really well together. Highlights for me on this record are Run and Hide and Story, this band is certainly one you should be listening to, if anything lets me down is that there’s only four tracks on this record.



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