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Review: Larissia Murphy – Speak Your Mind EP.

Larissia Murphy released her EP through Noisetrade this week. The songwriter which evokes Americana in her style and writing, you can hear the whole thing here, where you can also see the music video for Late One Night, one of the highlights of the EP.

Murphy’s way with a guitar melody on Speak Your Mind is perfection, creating melodies seem to come naturally to her on this record, creating some great tracks on her EP, which gets your toes tapping and your head nodding, title track Speak Your Mind and No Town have great energy, which are made to get you dancing.

Not that Murphy can’t slow these things down with some delicate and smooth jams on this record that sound amazing, tracks such as Late One Night and Mexican Flowers slow down the pace and really highlight the beauty of Murphy’s voice, it works effortlessly with the melodies she creates on this record and makes for a well balanced record, Speak Your Mind works together perfectly throughout.

Larissia Murphy has made some great songs on this record with some effortless melodies and some big vocals, that combined with some really flawless writing, makes for a great record, it’s certainly worth a listen if you like country or acoustic music, that is raw and honest throughout, it’s what Murphy does best. Highlights for me on this record are Speak Your Mind and Cold Shoulder however this whole is well crafted and it certainly makes sense why people are talking about her.



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