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Review: The Peach Kings – Mojo Thunder EP.

Mojo Thunder, is the latest EP from duo The Peach Kings which they released through Noisetrade recently, you can find the link here. The follow up to their first EP Handsome Moves, The Peach Kings have received some excellent praise and it’s certainly clear why.

Making music seems to come so easily for this couple as they make songs that are awesome to listen to, with a sultry style and dark grooves that work perfectly on this record, Say What is the best example of these things coming together and that continues on final track Be Around, this duo work in sync together.

The Peach Kings certainly have a way with words also with some nice hooks and a way with verses which is just poetry and could  teach many people a thing or two about composition as it sounds so good here working with the melodies the two create on this record. Mojo Thunder and Say What are certainly examples of where the writing shines on this short record and makes for such a great listen.

This duo certainly know how to make music and it shows throughout this EP, with a great style with the melodies and an irresistable way to lyrics, it makes for a perfect combination on this record, The Peach Kings certainly work together incredibly well and it shows throughout. Highlights for me on this EP are Mojo Thunder and Hold On, but this whole EP is worth a listen.



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