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Review: Courage, Dear Heart – The Future Was Now.

Courage, Dear Heart release their new album this week through Autumn + Colour, The Future Was Now, being their debut record and you can hear a taste of what this band can do on their first single, Shallowed Be Thy Name which is streaming on Soundcloud here and pre-order the album here with a free shirt.

With grinding riffs and brilliant melodies from the beginning of the record, this album certainly does bring a lot of energy to the fore from the start, though in places it can come over as quite samey, the band do have a way with melody on The Future Was Now and it shows throughout their debut, as they begin to make their own sound for themselves.

The band really come into their own with some really strong vocals that really power through this record, particularly tracks such as Chicago near the start of the record, which brings what this band do best to the your attention. This combined with some great writing really does make a good impression on my eardrums – strong choruses and some nice verses which work like poetry, this is really where the best of the band lies and works throughout this record.

Courage, Dear Heart are at the beginning of making music, and it shows here, but it does also show how much they can do, certainly making it clear they have a style they want to take forward and it’s a good one, with strong vocals and writing and some good melodies this is a band who have a lot of good things happening for them on The Future Was Now. Highlights for me on this record are The Veil, Shallowed Be Thy Name and Chicago – a band to keep an eye on as they come into their own in the future.



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