Five Best Albums of 2015: Pt 2.

anigifThe second half of 2015 has been filled with huge releases from some great bands and these five are my favourites from the last six months, you can find the other half of this list here. With some huge pop punk records being released in the second half of the year, it dominates this list, pop punk can be found at Hopeless Records like nowhere else right now.

Coates – Volume One EP, Independent Release – Coates is a little known act but his first EP, certainly shows that should not be the case, with some wonderful melodies and some awesome hooks that makes you want more, if there is one complaint about Coates is there is just too little on this first EP. For fans of musicians such as Rob Lynch, you can find one of the highlights of this record, Grin & Tonic here.

The Wonder Years – No Closer To Heaven, Hopeless Records – There is no denying that The Wonder Years are one of my favourite bands and every time they release an album it is a fantastic record and No Closer To Heaven is one of the best of this year. With huge depth of lyrics but somehow made to get stuck in your head, this band make records that are going to influence bands to come. Tracks such as I Don’t Like Who I Was Then is the bringing together of everything this band do best, this is awesome.

ROMP – Sorry, Not Sorry EP, Bad Timing Records –  This band I think are set to do great things in the future, and this EP is how I know this is all possible, pop beats and some seriously good vocals from lead singer Madison Klarer, ROMP release their EP on vinyl hopefully in the very near future on their new label, Bad Timing. My favourite track on this EP is Portrait, but it is all excellent on this record, this is the kind of band you should know before they blow up.

Neck Deep – Life’s Not Out To Get You, Hopeless Records – Neck Deep had a pretty turbulent 2015 and in places pretty grim, but they did make one of the best albums of the year, Life’s Not Out To Get You, their most successful album to date, and for once success is deserved. Full of some elegant acoustic tracks such as December and raw pop punk vibes in opener Citizens Of Earth, Life’s Not Out To Get You is a diverse record but works incredibly well together and such a great listen, this band raise the standard for UK pop punk.

The Subways, Self Titled, Independent Release – The Subways have a way with words and it shows on their new self titled record released earlier this year. Excellent writing and some awesome grooves this album keeps up the energy throughout and makes for a record that live is going to sound amazing. The band bring slowed down melodies and exuberance on this record, and work it out well, tracks such as Because Of You and Good Times contrast, but it works out excellently on the self titled and makes for one my favourite albums of the year.

There were an incredible amount of releases this second half of the year, with great records from Shreddy Krueger (Deeper, Darker) They Might Be Giants (Why?) Grimes (Art Angels) and The World Is A Beautiful Place and I’m No Longer Afraid To Die (Harmlessness) who all should be making a special mention on this post. Roll on 2016 with some huge new releases coming in the new year.





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