Ten Songs You Should Have Heard This Year.

This year has had so many huge releases, and some awesome tracks, some albums have been average, with that song that just stands out, some albums have been awesome and just had the track that got stuck in my head. These are my favourites of 2015, please feel free to comment below on what track you considered to be the highlight of your year.

1)  Diet Soda Society – Find it on: American Candy by The Maine – This band are consistent with how great their albums are, and American Candy is now their third album which is just musical perfection, and Diet Soda Society is one of the highlights of it. If anyone has lived with anxiety, I think they can relate to this song, well written with a brilliant honesty to it, O’Callaghan’s style really does come into its own on this track and combined with guitarists who work perfectly together, this song is one of the best of the year.

2) Castle – Find it on: Badlands by Halsey – Halsey has had a phenomenal year with the release of her album, Badlands, which also includes Hold Me Down, which is catchy as hell, but Castle – the opening track of the record is really a perfect place to start when it comes to Halsey. Honest lyrically with a huge hook, Halsey brings some huge electronic melodies on this song, Halsey is just finding her feet with this album, I look forward to whatever she does next.

3) Around The World And Back – Find it on: Around The World And Back by State Champs – a duet with Jule Vera singer, Ansley Newman, Around The World And Back is a pretty sweet acoustic track, something that State Champs do best on the end of their new album of the same name. Twangy melodies and quite a nice love song which really work well with the female and male vocals that make me make sure I keep Jule Vera on my radar and make me want to hear this live, please?

4) Empty Threat – Find it on: Every Open Eye by Chvrches – This band know what they’re doing with a melody and Empty Threat is one of the highlights on their new album. Full of electronic beats and the amazing vocals of Lauren Mayberry on display throughout the track this song stuck out to me as soon as I first heard it and it continues to do so – catchier than a cold in Winter, this song and album made me a Chvrches fan and annoyed that I wasn’t before.

5) Writings On The Wall – Find it on: Ire – Parkway Drive – Parkway Drive with Ire took a different approach to it, and this song is certainly where it shows, with the band taking a very different approach to this track, slowing it down and bringing the drama, with huge drum beats and raw scream singing vocals that work perfectly. Writing wise, taking a more political approach to the album and making a statement on this song, it really does stand out on this album, making you pay attention as soon as you hear it.

6) Catch – Find it on: Let Down EP – Dresses –  This duo released their EP recently, and the whole thing is an amazing listen with big beats and melodies and with the female vocals of Timothy Heller adding a pile of sugary sweetness to the track, it all works perfectly, helped by that big chorus in the track it deserves to get the attention it is getting – recently being played on tv show, The Vampire Diaries. This duo work together perfectly throughout this EP but this song just showcases the best of it to me, and it will get stuck in your head, proceed with caution.

7) One Of Them Will Destroy The Other – Find it on: Black Lines by Mayday Parade – A band who I feel returned recently with their strongest record to date, this track was their first single and it is clear why. Getting heavy from the moment it starts, this collaboration with Dan Lambton of Real Friends works perfectly. This track feels like they stepped up their game with this track, and you can hear it in every drum run and guitar riff. Lambton’s and Sander’s vocals work amazingly well on this track and it’s certainly one I want to hear live in January when Mayday Parade tour the UK with The Maine.

8) California – Find it on: Art Angels by Grimes – Grimes made one of the finest albums of the year, recently being considered by NME to be the album of the year, California for me stuck out to me as soon as I heard it and it’s been stuck in my head since. With an upbeat melody and that chorus, Grimes made a perfectly sad pop song with California and I love her for it, showcasing her writing in her own unique style, this album is brilliant, but this song really brings the best of what she does together.

9) Blur – Find it on: Self Titled by We Came As Romans – I like this song because I have never heard so many metaphors in a song – in this case about photography, in one song, however it does work, with this brilliant chorus and big riff running through it, and combined with Pavone’s raw vocals in the verses it works brilliantly together and one of the tracks I picked up as soon as I heard this record – maybe slightly cheesy and maybe never to be heard live, but I like it.

10) Talk – Find it on: Gravity EP by Against The Current – A band that if you haven’t heard of, you should have by now, Talk is why you should be paying attention. A level of badass emanating from Constanza from the beginning that no one can’t get on, this song is huge and certainly helped by the band who include Will Ferri who has a very musical family (his brother is in We Are The In Crowd) and brings it on drums on this track and Gow on guitar. This band are a complete package, the whole of Gravity makes it clear Fueled By Ramen are on to something, may 2016 be the year we stop comparing every female vocalist to Paramore.



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