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Review: Little Red Lung – Beware.

Little Red Lung release their new album in the new year, Beware. For fans of bands such as Florence & The Machine or Portishead, Little Red Lung have been gaining attention lately, and it’s clear why on a record like this, the Art Rockers really giving a great display of their sound on this their new record.

This band have a way with melodies that you can hear from the moment the record begins, with bewitching sounds and ensnaring beats, it’s an album that seems other worldly in places and that’s no bad thing as the record works together throughout, tracks such as Bell Towers and Dead Weight really illustrating the depth of the melodies on this record.

Those melodies however partnered with Erwin’s vocals are even more captivating, her vocals are soft and ethereal throughout this record and works with the melodies effortlessly, the two things working together, it’s clear the band work well together and know the sound they’re trying to make, though I wish in places it could pick up the pace a little, Beware does sound fantastic from the beginning to the end – it’s a record to unwind to.

Little Red Lung have made an album that sounds like it’s from another planet, and it’s no bad thing, as it does sound out of this world, with fantastic melodies and brilliant lyricism, there’s a lot brilliant writing and poetic choruses that work perfectly the sound the band are trying to make on this record. It is certainly one of the most interesting records I’ve heard in 2015. Highlights for me are Operate, Bell Towers and Civilian Tiger, but a record not to be missed as a whole.



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