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Review: The Order Of Elijah – War At Heart.

The Order Of Elijah release their new album on January 8th through Luxor Records. The band who create huge tracks Christian Metal throughout this album certainly put their heart and soul into this record and released before they go on tour, they certainly have created a high energy album. You can find out more about the band here.

The band certainly know how to use their guitars with some big riffs going on throughout the record that really create a foundation for this record, which working in coordination with the drums really makes the music stand out so much more on this record. The band work together incredibly well on this record and it shows on every song, the rhythm section really making it’s presence known on this record.

Vocally strong, the raw scream from Shannon Low on this record is brilliant and works perfectly in sync with the rest of the band and the velocity of the vocals on tracks such as Tyler Durden is incredible and really shows this band work incredibly well together, as that’s a hell of a pace to match. Lyrically the band have real depth and it is shown incredibly well on this record, tracks such as God’s Unwanted Children certainly have a raw sound to them – and the album follows in that vein, and it makes it worth a listen.

If anything lets this band down it’s the rough sound to the production that I feel if it was much clearer would really show in much better light the quality of their sound, the fuzzy sound works for some, but it doesn’t do that for this record at all and it’s a shame. Highlights for me on this album are Tyler Durden, The American Plague and the combination of From The Dawn and From The Dusk work together really well on this record together.





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