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Review: It Lies Within – Paramount.

It Lies Within, release their second album Paramount on the 8th January through Luxor Records. The metalcore quintet who on this record work with Telle Smith of The Word Alive and Ryan Kirby, lead for Fit For A King. The band certainly have some excellent friends, and so let’s hope they live up to it on their record.

Generic in its contents with a good mixture of EDM and metal, It Lies Within have made a solid record with Paramount, working together quite well with some big beats and breakdowns that work well throughout the record, but nothing that identifies a sound of their own which on a second album is really needed, creating something unique but it lacks that drive.

The writing is where the album come into it’s own a little more with some big choruses and great lyrics that really inspire and pounce on your eardrums the most, tracks such as Ecdysis and Reap What You Sow certainly bring this to the fore and make for some of the highlights of the record. The vocals are strong also throughout, with an awesome combination of screaming and singing, with some huge high notes on this record that not many vocalists can command so well.

It Lies Within have made a good album here, with the highlights being the vocals and the writing, which is where they create their style, and not the music which lacks energy and that bounce that’s really needed on this record, however the collaborations are good and the band do have their strengths. Some highlights are Reap What You Sow, which has an awesome chorus, Trust In Yourself and Light The Way.



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