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Review: Rachel Platten – Wildfire.

Rachel Platten has shot to acclaim very quickly with her huge track, Fight Song – a perfect pop song, the track exploding in February gained Platten so much attention and now her album Wildfire has been released on January 1st, which you can listen to Spotify now – with so many accomplished women in music now, this album brings something new.

Her voice is incredible throughout this record, with a sweetness to her tone that works on tracks such as Hey Hey Hallelujah which is catchy as hell and with a melody like that makes for a great track – her voice is just so easy to listen to throughout this record, Beating Me Up and Fight Song are tracks where the power of her vocals are just on display perfectly, it certainly makes it clear why her album is called Wildfire.

The writing is strong too, with some really nice hooks and some real depth to the songs, it makes for a very personal album, Platten is on the credit for every song on Wildfire and that certainly helps see the connection between her and the songs, you can just tell listening to it that she puts feeling into each track. Tracks such as Better Place and You Don’t Know My Heart feel too personal to be written by anyone else and it makes for a unique listen.

The melodies certainly work on this record however it does feel generic in places, but it doesn’t feel like an album that has been made to have filler tracks that just compliment her hit tracks. Produced with Jon Levine too, whose worked with singers such as Selena Gomez and Nelly Furtado, having experience with female vocals is a good thing and makes for a perfect match throughout Wildfire and it shows, showcasing her voice with some great synth melodies making for some strong pop songs.

Wildfire is a strong debut from Platten who has a natural ability to writing that makes for a great record, but its melodies in places don’t feel very unique and it seems she needs something more here that just isn’t on display, and considering all the good things here on this record, it seems wrong. There’s a lot of highlights on this record for me it’s Hey Hey Hallelujah, Lone Ranger and Speechless – if anything is certain on Wildfire, Platten is still a star still in ascendance.



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