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Review: One Days Notice – Blackout.

One Days Notice release their new album Blackout on January 14th through RTB Records. The band who follow up from debut album, When Dinosaurs Get Drunk. The band who formed at a Beer Olympics (Something that’s now on my list of things I need to see) the band certainly seem to know what they’re doing on this record.

The band bring a great energy on Blackout with some nice bounce on some tracks that keeps the momentum going throughout, songs such as Feel It Now certainly make it clear this band really can bring some power and follow up track When I Say When certainly makes the point further – live this band are going to be awesome to listen to, with tracks like these which certainly will pick up the pace anywhere.

The energy is really down to the guitarists and drummer working so well together, the do it yourself sound to the record works for this band as they bring some frenzied drum work and some awesome and rough guitars that work incredibly well together on this album, tracks such as Hey Anna and A Better Look certainly showcase the quality of the musicians on this record and it makes for a great listen throughout, it will make you tap your feet or nod your head, it’s great.

Lyrically, it does seem quite simple this album, however there are excellent hooks throughout this record making for some infectious tracks on throughout this record. I Never You however does slow down the place a little and really is one of the strong songs on this album, with some real depth to the lyrics and combined with some excellent melodies, it seems to get better as the album goes on.

One Days Notice follow up well on this record with some great energy and some awesome musicians that really make a great pop punk sound throughout Blackout, and with those hooks on the record, it works together really well – this is an album made to be played live. Highlights for me on this record are Hey Anna, I Never You and Slave.


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