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Review: Sonic State – Need It.

image2Sonic State are a band from Peterhead, Scotland, which has become somewhat of a hotbed for young talent, and Sonic State are no exception after playing with bands from the area that include Sweet White and Soul Love, the band certainly have good company.

The band release their first single very soon, Need It, and it’s a great first track. The song begins with some energy and guitars that give the song a great bounce from the beginning to the end, with a raw sound that really works for this band on Need It. The band work together incredibly well and you can hear it on this song, the layers working perfectly together, the drums giving a great foundation for some really nice riffs from the start.

Lyrically strong from the start with a big hook, the band have some strong writing, and Legge’s vocals are consistently good on this song with some long but great sounding notes, the production really accentuating throughout the track what this band are best at. I certainly look forward to hearing more from them if this is their first track and you can certainly hear their influences, this song reminiscent of bands such as The Verve, with huge melodies and awesome vocals.

This band listening to this song certainly makes it clear they have a huge amount of talent, I look forward to seeing what happens next if this anything to go by, go listen to this as soon as you can, you won’t be let down.


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