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Review: Jennylee – Right On!

Jennylee, who is the bassist and lead singer of Warpaint, released her debut solo album last month which you can give a listen to now on Spotify. Combining sounds of New Wave and Goth, Jennylee creates ten great tracks on this record bringing her unique style to her first record.

Dark and moody from the moment it begins with unsettling melodies and unique beats, the album makes for a fascinating listen throughout the record, tracks such as Never and opening track Blind. Each songs sound subtle but makes for a fantastic foundation for this album, Riot being my favourite melody on this album.

Her vocals are renowned already but they sound tremendous on this record, her sweet vocals easing over every melody it makes for such a nice listen on this album throughout, bringing together some great things. Throughout this album, it’s unusual and unique and it wasn’t going to sound any other way. The mixture of male and female vocals on track White Devil work well together and brings a different feel to the record. In places this record is unsettling but that’s what makes it fascinating, tracks such as Real Life can seem to feel haunting.

Jennylee makes great records with Warpaint and that doesn’t change on Right On! With some fantastic melodies and vocals that are pitch perfect combined with the sounds Jennylee has created, it makes for a great record. It really is incredible blend of what she does best and it makes for a great listen from the beginning to the end. Highlights for me on this record are Riot, Offerings and White Devil, but this album works together perfectly, and it needs to be heard as a collective, it works together so well. Dark, unsettling but an awesome listen, it’s brilliant.


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