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Review: Campfires – Self Titled EP.

Aberdeen pop punkers release their new self titled EP next week. Riding a wave of huge talent coming out of the UK when it comes to pop punk, the band certainly need to make their mark and working at Longwave Studios with Romesh Dodangoda whose worked with Funeral For A Friend and Decade, it seems they will.

The writing is so strong on this record with some great choruses throughout the EP, this band certainly have taken their expertise and channelled it into this band. Opener Same Streets and Like A Cancer near the end  are certainly tracks that will get a crowd joining in, if the melodies and energy haven’t got to them first.

Hendo’s vocals are excellent throughout this record and sound amazing, working perfectly with the music they’re making, tracks such as Pure Gold just show how good Hendo’s vocals are on this EP, but he has found some great musicians to work with on this record. The drums are great and lay an awesome sound for this record, and with the guitars sound awesome, particularly on tracks such as The Hardest Part and Like A Cancer which really are some great tracks musicallyon this self titled.

A strong first outing for these guys, Campfires have made a great debut record with their self titled EP. Big melodies that will get any crowd moving and some excellent hooks, this band certainly make their presence known on Campfires, sometimes it feels it needs a bit more pace, however there’s a lot of great stuff on this EP and if you like UK pop punk, you’re going to like this. Highlights for me are Like A Cancer and Pure Gold – be warned this may leave you wanting more.




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