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Review: Peachfuzz – Raise High Your Bright Halo Of Stars.

Peachfuzz released their new album, Raise High Your Bright Halo Of Stars late last year through Bombed Out Records. The trio who make this their third album bring together a plethora of sounds to their albums that make you feel slightly guilty for not listening to them before. You can see the video for Trouble Came here.

Jones’ raspy vocals on this record are perfectly recorded on this album and one of the things that will automatically jump out to you on this record but the lyrics should be next with a real melancholic depth on this album that is reminiscent of bands such as The Gaslight Anthem, but that’s not an easy comparison when you look at the music this band is making.

The musicians on this record are brilliant from the start with heady guitars that work perfectly together with Jones’ vocals, which makes you feel each song particularly on tracks such as Living With Defeat. However this band can bring some bounce to the album too, tracks such Over Me have a really nice groove on this album and Trouble Came certainly bring some power to the album that bring together a nice and balanced collection of songs that tie together easily, it feels pretty seamless from the beginning to end.

There’s so much good you can talk about on this record, with superb riffs on tracks such as Giving Up, great writing on tracks such as Living With Defeat and big choruses on tracks as Something’s Wrong, where the vocals sound awesome throughout ‘Raise High..’, it’s not an album to miss if you like a strong rock album, this band are where you can find it. Highlights for me are Something’s Wrong, Over Me and On Your Own but really this album shouldn’t be taken apart, together it’s a brilliant album from the moment it begins.



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