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Review: Roswell – Self Titled EP.

10004003_921749584556253_6037968460811340793_nReleased in the Summer of 2015, Roswell released their debut self titled EP. The Aberdeen band who create a alt-grunge sound have been gaining fans locally and their debut EP is a great foundation for new music that is yet to come. You can learn more about the band through their Bandcamp which you can find here.

The quality of the production does really accentuate the best of this band, the quality of Magenta Lust’s vocals on their EP, is incredible with a powerful vocal that works harmoniously with the rest of the band. The writing works too, with some big hooks and tracks such as Life Story that I’m sure would sound awesome live.

The band work incredibly well with their vocalist, with some great riffs throughout, Life Story is a highlight once again, with some awesome drum work, and the guitars working perfectly together on this track, however, opening track Come To You opens with a nice groovy guitar that runs through the song that will get anyone moving – this band certainly know what they’re doing, and they do it incredibly well, with a polished sound that shows them at their best.

Roswell’s self titled is one of my new favourite records with great melodies and harmonies, the band do great things from the start of this record, it makes you wish you’d known them sooner. The band work brilliantly together throughout and definitely an EP you should consider purchasing. Hard to pick a highlight as every song is strong but I’d pick Life Story and Without Humour myself – an exciting band at the start of their career.


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