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Review: Like Torches – Shelter.

Like Torches are a promising band from Sweden who are set to release their new album, Shelter on January 22nd. Produced with Ryan Key of Yellowcard, who the band have also toured with throughout Europe and co-headlined a tour with As It Is. You can listen to first single Walking Home here.

From the moment this album begins the energy is there, with some growling guitars and awesome melodies, this band sound awesome the moment it starts on this record, the production really highlighting the best parts of this band, it’s clear Key know this band incredibly well (He also produced their debut record).

Melodies are where this band have certainly focused on this record with some different ideas that I didn’t anticipate from this band and it’s certainly a good thing on Shelter. Tracks such as Bit A Bullet and Skeletons have some great work on this record, the band using unique methods in creating some tracks that really stand out here, Skeletons’ chorus and Bit A Bullet’s introduction really capture your attention creating their own kind of pop punk sound. Shelter takes a while to really get started, but when it does, it’s a phenomenal record.

Jonathan and Daniel Kärn’s dual vocals on this record do sound great together as usual on Shelter and work incredibly well on tracks such as Coma, where that dual power really gives that track a raw edge that really works on this record and that power continues on tracks such as Walking Home. The writing is incredible too, title track Shelter, that closes this record, is a great acoustic track and there’s some strong choruses on tracks such as Skeletons and Swing By Swing, which opens the record perfectly.

Like Torches have made an awesome follow up to their debut. With some huge tracks that are going to sound awesome live in the near future, this band create some big tracks, with big riffs that are going to get a show started. You can hear the influences of Yellowcard on this record, but that’s not really a bad thing, there’s still though a lot more to come from this band. Highlights for me on this record are Skeletons, Bit A Bullet and I Surrender.





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