EPs & Singles.

Review: The Feels – Self Titled EP.

The Feels are a trio from South Carolina who released their latest EP on Noisetade recently, you can find their self titled EP here. Creating electronic pop, the band create some nice melodies on their debut and you can see the video for first single on the record, Nothing to Lose here.

The band considering this is their debut EP, seem to know the sound they’re making with some great melodies from the moment the EP begins, particularly on tracks such as Alive Again and Nothing To Lose where the melodies are at the band’s best, but also drawing on electronica influences.

Lead vocals sound great too, with some really nice harmonies, and the writing is strong too, with some strong choruses on the self titled, it’s not overly simple and with the melodies, the band don’t create songs that just fit in with funky beats and unique melodies – Wild for example really highlights the vocals of Kayla, the band’s lead singer, and it really makes for some great listening throughout the EP.

The Feels first EP is a strong debut from the start and reminiscent of bands such as Haim or Chvrches, they have some really great pop hooks and  melodies creating a solid foundation of music to work from here, sure they are finding their sound still and it shows on their first record, but it’s certainly no bad start for this band. Highlights for me on this EP are Wild, Nothing To Lose and Alive Again, this EP can brighten anyone’s day.



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