Interview: Ellie Rose Mckee.

The Love PoemsEllie Rose McKee is an Irish author and poet, and recently she has released a new collection of poems, The Love Poems, which you can find for sale here. A talented writer who has released some incredible books including Four Season Summer and Still Dreaming and this continues with this new collection. Ellie Rose recently had a chat with me about her new book..

VC: what inspired your new collection of poems?

ER: It kind of started organically. I write poems when they occur to me, about whatever they occur to me about. It just so happened that I had amassed a big collection of love poems.  I decided to publish a book of love poems because I had written a book worth of love poems. It wasn’t really something I set out to do.

VC: what do you feel are the highlights of your collection?poem

ER: Going through the collection, there are four that kind of spring out to me: Light, Tess, No Man’s Land, and Two Men and Me (but not like that).

VC: It does feel after reading it, a quite bittersweet collection of poems, are these poems written over a long period, or do you get a wave of inspiration?

ER: They were written over a long period. And, yes, there’s a variety in there. There’s ones about romance, of course, but there’s also ones about loss, friendship, and family; lust, and a more universal type of love.

VC: I think you have a very genuine style to your writing and that shows throughout your collection, and I think the themes show that too. Is there another poet who particularly inspires your style?

ER: Thank you. I can’t think of a specific influencer. Inspiration comes from a lot of places, and I’d find it hard to pin down sources.

VC: Poetry is often an emotional outlet for writer, is this how you feel about you writing? Has it helped if so?

ER: Oh, definitely! If I’m feeling something strongly enough, my instinct is to reach for a notepad and pen. I just have to let it out. Expressing things like that is the only thing that helps.

VC: Do you think that strong feeling is what makes a good poem? What do you think makes a good poem?

ER: Yes.  Poetry is, ultimately, about making you feel something. About communicating to others what you’re feeling. No matter if that’s love, or anger, joy, or forgiveness. Without a feeling, it’s not only a bad poem, but no poem at all.

VC: I agree, this new collection of love poems certainly has feeling! How do you feel about sharing something so personal?

ER: In a way, it feels almost necessary. Natural. The feelings demand to exist in the world. It’s the human condition to want to connect over such things.

VC: What do you want people to take away from your poems?

ER: I just want people to stop and consider my words. To feel something, like I said, but also for them to explore why they felt it, and what that might mean.  I think it’s important for people to step out of their shoes and look at things from other people’s point of view. I want to engender a sense of empathy, through my work.

Huge thank you to Ellie for letting me interview her. Her new book is available now.


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