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Review: Warehouse Eyes – Prisms EP.

Warehouse Eyes are a four piece from Minneapolis and have released their Prisms EP through Noisetrade recently, and you can find that EP here. Made up of five tracks, this is the bands second recording where they are pushing their sound further out, experimenting with percussion loops and synthesizers.

Lawless’ vocals on this record are intriguing and other worldly, particularly on tracks such as Emma and the first single on this EP, I Think I Can Live With It, and the depth to the writing helps, with some thought out tracks and harmonies that work together perfectly throughout,  and these tracks show it best on Prisms.

It’s certainly clear throughout this EP this band are testing out new sounds and find new ways to create music, with unique melodies and beats threaded throughout Prisms which makes for a captivating listen, final track Smoke makes for a great groove on this record and the harmonies are just so elegant on this track it makes for such a good listen at the end of a very solid EP. It’s dark and heavy in places, but it sounds mesmerising and as a whole the sound is fantastic.

Prisms does sound great from the moment it begins, with nice harmonies and sophisticated melodies, this is a band that pushes it sound but also works together perfectly, creating some great tracks on their second EP. Highlights for me on this record are Smoke and Emma, however together this EP works together incredibly well and makes for a great listen.



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