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Review: Ron Pope & The Nighthawks – Self Titled.

ron pope & the nighthawksRon Pope & The Nighthawks released their debut album on the 8th of January which you can hear right now thanks to Consequence Of Sound right here. The album being released through the band’s own label by Brooklyn Basement Records and on tour this week across the UK and Europe very soon.

With big vocal harmonies and simple melodies, this band’s self titled works from the moment it begins, particularly on tracks such as Ain’t No Angel where the best of what this band do are on display brilliantly. The vocal layers are awesome, and the strength of Pope’s voice is brilliant through this record, it can be gentle in places and bring a nice groove in others, but it works. Tracks such as Leave You Behind and White River Junction contrast but this album fits so well together it doesn’t matter.

Melodies on this album are really nice, the bringing together of acoustic, country and blues is what Ron Pope does excellently on this album. The acoustic tracks like Leave You Behind and Hotel Room’s simplicity allows for the lyrics to work their magic, the writing is great throughout this album, it’s a difficult album to pick out faults from and I wouldn’t want to. This album has a lot of high energy tracks though which have nice grooves and which make your feet tap and your head nod with ease, Take Me Home being a fine example of that, the guitars really doing their job on this album.

Ron Pope continues to do what he does best on the self titled, making some big hooks, huge melodies and harmonies that just work effortlessly throughout the record, if you like country, blues or acoustic, this is your record, and even if you don’t, go listen. Highlights for me are Ain’t No Angel, White River Junction and Lies & Cigarettes – a track that is a perfect illustration of the strength of the writing on this record, it’s an album that demands to be listened to.



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