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Review: Not By Sight – Stand.

39240917-9996-4288-96c4-06e71c2a4e06Hard Rock band Not By Sight released their first single earlier this month, Stand. Made up of members from some pretty awesome bands including Evanescence, Sevendust and Dark New Day, led by Jane Train, this band certainly have a great collection of musicians and it shows on this their first single.

Catchy from the moment it begins with some strong vocals, it’s a big powerful ballad of a song and it gets going as soon as it begins, this track is what you to rock to. Jane Train’s vocals are awesome, hitting some incredible high notes and working in harmony perfectly with the band – this is a great first single from the band and leaves you wanting more.

The musicians working with her make some awesome stuff too, with some great drum work and dark guitar riffs giving it a great foundation, these musicians have already proven how good they are in other bands, but they really work incredibly well together on this song – not to mention that this song acoustic will sound amazing too, less is certainly more here.

Not By Sight have made a great debut with Stand, you should listen to it as soon as you can, a great rock song that will get stuck in your head in minutes, be warned.


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