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Review: Luck, Now – Just Another Lucky Start.

Just another lucky start cover artBegun in Autumn of 2014, this band are going from strength to strength and this band show that on their new EP, Just Another Lucky Start which you can listen to right now through the band’s bandcamp page. You can learn more about Luck, Now Through Facebook  right here.

A way with guitars, that create some really funky melodies from the start of the EP, this band make some really awesome sounds on Just Another Lucky Start. The riffs really jumpstart the EP into life creating some really nice rhythms throughout – tracks such as 23rd Floor and 9 To 4, certainly are excellent examples of this where the muscians really show their strength.

The band also have some real hooks on this record and a style of writing that works, it’s simple but effective on tracks such as August, it’s a little repetitive in places, however this band are creating a great sound on this EP, and it makes for some great listening, that makes you want to move, and that’s something that’s consistent through Luck, Now’s EP, particularly on tracks such King Of White Chips and again 23rd Floor.

There’s a lot of great stuff on this EP, the band really creating a sound for themselves on Just Another Lucky Start, with some nice choruses and some groovy sounds that really make this debut from Luck, Now stand out in all the right ways. Of course there needs to be a bit more finesse in places, but it’s certainly produced to a great sound and really captures what this band do best – make music.


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