Review: Percentage Bridge – Library Chiller Replacement EP.

Library Chiller Replacement cover artReleased through The Subruckus collective, Percentage Bridge’s debut EP, Library Chiller Replacement was released at the beginning of this year and you can listen to the three tracks right now through the band’s bandcamp, which you can find a link for here.

Melodies are what Percentage Bridge bring to every song on this record, bringing unique sounds and clever styles to each track on this record that gives each song a nice groove throughout. Guitars twist rhythmically as soon as the EP begins making for some effortlessly sounding music from the start, each song working together perfectly.

The subtle drum work running throughout the record makes for a solid foundation for the record and allow the guitars to really blossom on these tracks, the drummer has perfect timing on these songs and makes for a great listen. The band sound like they work together from what I can hear very well, the layers working together smoothly throughout this short EP.

This is a great taste of what Percentage Bridge can do and if you liked releases recently from bands like Floral, you’re going to like this EP too, with many similar traits, there needs to be a bit more exploration with sound. For a debut record there’s time for that and this is a great place to begin.  The title track is excellent and certainly the highlight of this short EP, this is Math Rock done well.



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