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Review: Blair Burnette – Bloom EP.

Recently releasing her debut record on Noisetrade after it’s first release in May last year, Blair Burnette’s Bloom can be heard through her page on the site here. Raised in a musical home, music is certainly something in Burnette’s blood and that natural ability shows through her debut record.

Burnette’s vocals on this record sound elegant on this EP, working in harmony with the music she makes. The practice she has put into writing and making music certain shows particularly in the writing, with some luscious verses and nice choruses that she really brings to life with some beautiful vocals.

The piano that underpins many of the tracks on the EP really work well with the song she has written, their simplicity works so well, tracks such as Worry and This Is Goodbye, really accentuate the best of Burnette’s work, with charming melodies and sophisticated piano work, it’s a real pleasure to listen to. Not afraid of a good hook either with songs like Yes Yes Yes being catchier than a cold, it really does show her progress as a write and music maker and it makes for some great songs.

Bloom is a great debut from Blair Burnette and worth giving a download if you like sweet choruses and piano melodies, which Burnette does so well throughout the Bloom EP. Highlights for me are Yes Yes Yes and This Is Goodbye – they contrast but really display the best of her talents.




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