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Review: We Were Giants – Dead Society EP.

we were giants ep artBoise’s own, We Were Giants released their EP, Dead Society last month and you can still give a listen to it through the Revolver site here, who are streaming it still. The band who have some great collaborations which include with Garret Rapp of The Color Morale on this record, certainly deliver throughout these five tracks.

The band are certainly influenced by bands such as The Color Morale, their sound quite similar, not that that is a bad thing on this record, as the band bring their own style to the EP. Sure Dead Society could trick you into believing this band are no different, but they make their sound their own as they progress, with some ferocious drums and unstoppable riffs throughout.

The combined screaming and singing vocals on this record are awesome and powerful, tracks such as The Last Words really highlights that gutteral raspy vocal that just storms through, but the singing vocals working in collaboration make it greater. The writing is emotional and you can tell they’re putting some energy into this record, The Consequence, a collaboration with Chad Ruhlig (For The Fallen Dreams), certainly makes you sit up and pay attention, you can feel the frustration in the song – this band’s strength is the vocals and in this song it shows.

We Were Giants bring a lot of good things to this short EP, and if you like bands such as The Color Moral or The Word Alive, this is certainly a band you should be checking out. The instrumental at the start of the EP gives a great start to the record and from there it does just keeping better from there. Highlights for me are The Consequence and The Last Words.



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