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Review: Brooke Waggoner – Sweven Noisetrade EP.

The Sweven EP, is a taster of what it is to come from Brooke Waggoner as she plans to release her new album early this year. Made up of seven tracks and released through Noisetrade, it’s a combination of new music and songs recorded in her OurVinyl Sessions. You can see the video for Fellow from the sessions here.

Waggoner’s vocals are stunning on this record, with some really soft and melodic vocals that work in harmony with the music, and the lyrics have a real depth and emotion to them she conveys perfectly on this record. Tracks such as Fellow, which is part of the OurVinyl Session tracks and Ovenbird really show that emotion perfectly.

Not that this EP, doesn’t have some really great melodies, opening track Fink and another of the session songs, Pennies And Youth which have some really great harmonies with her voice, and some nice sounds that really give this EP an energy. Waggoner creates some melancholic sounds on this EP too, creating sombre sounds that make you create an emotional connection to the music, maybe it’s a little too slow in places but it’s a worthy collection of songs.

Brooke Waggoner has a huge amount of talent and it shows on these tracks, with some gorgeous vocals and a gentle way with melody, she creates some great songs on this record. Highlights for me on this record are Pennies And Youth an Fellow, however this is a very good EP and I’m sure a great album coming soon.



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