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Review: Roam – Backbone.

Roam released their new album Backbone Friday through Hopeless Records. With some storming singles so far including Bloodline being released from their album and a hell of a debut EP in Viewpoint, this band is certainly a band to watch. You can listen to the whole of Backbone now thanks to Spotify here.

This album is frantic with energy and it works so well, with some rough and ready guitars that give this album some bounce throughout and some great drumwork that lays an excellent foundation for this record throughout making this look easy. Tracks such as All The Same and Hopeless Case bring some of these things together perfectly. The way this band can slow it down and take back the pace is pretty incredible too, tracks such as Hopeless Case and Bloodline really show that.

This band’s writing is strong too from the start. Roam really deliver on hooks on this record with some awesome choruses, but the depth is still there, you can feel the angst throughout this record, tracks such as Cabin Fever and RIP In Peace certainly make it clear this band want you screaming their lyrics live at them (Which you can do on the Kerrang! Tour soon). Acoustic track Tracks really slow down the pace perfectly on this record and it’s written beautifully, with a really nice chorus and great melody that fits excellently – sometimes acoustic tracks can sound out of place, but it works.

Roam certainly have made a great album with Backbone here. There’s huge melodies and some awesome hooks that really are going to go down well live, and Costello’s vocals throughout this album are excellent, and certainly a band who are on an ascendance. Highlights for me are Tracks, Goodbyes and Bloodline, however throughout it’s a strong record and I don’t feel there’s a weak track on this album – this is how you make a debut pop punk album in my opinion.



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