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Review: Various Artists – Songs Of Separation.

sosSongs of Separation is a collection of songs from various female musicians, which is released on the 29th January through Navigator Records. Featuring ten tracks from the most prestigious female folk musicians this album of songs includes songs from Eliza Carthy and Jenny Hill who came up with the idea and started the project and what a project it is.

There’s no such thing as a bad melody on this record, with some really lovely sounds created throughout this record whether be a more funky sound from tracks such as  Sad Am I by Mary MacMaster or tracks such as Poor Man’s Lamentation which just has a great energy to it, that works perfectly with James’ vocals throughout. It’s impossible to ignore tracks such as Sad The Climbing too, where the choral sound quite literally divine, it’s an album put together from an incredible wealth of talent.

There are a number of excellent vocalists on this record, Hannah James and Eliza Carthy on track Cleaning The Stones, not to mention the choir vocals on tracks such as Unst Boat Song do sound lovely. The writing throughout in places is simple but it is a case of less is more on tracks such as these where this album comes from. However there’s some beautiful songs such as London Lights  and Sea King that are just a delight to listen to, and certainly makes me think I’ve not been listening to enough folk lately.

Songs Of Separation has some beautiful songs and is a great collection of folk songs that I’m sure anyone could find a new favourite song on, with too many highlights to be able to choose, however I’m going to try. Some of my favourites on this record are Poor Man’s Lamentation, Over The Border and Unst Boat Song.




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