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Review: Vivienne The Witch – Shadowbox.

vtwShadowbox, is the new album from italian grunge trio, Vivienne The Witch who release their debut album this week. The band who have range of sounds and influences on this record have released a video for one of the highlights of the record, Dreams & Pain which you can see here.

The funk sounds and awesome grooves this band make throughout Shadowbox are excellent with an almost psychedelic sound in places which really keeps you paying attention, tracks such as A Sparkling Explosion certainly brings all these unique things together and it makes for an incredibly interesting listen.

This band however can bring some heavy guitars and sounds in places, while keeping that slightly zany sound too, tracks like Bad Dog fuse that more dark sound with some nice grooves that really work, the guitars really giving this song its unique melody that works amazingly well with the vocals in this band. Fuso’s and Peppicelli’s vocals work on this record throughout and are incredibly powerful and difficult to compare as they use it in such varied ways through the record. Drums on tracks such as Pussy Pussy Pussy are awesome, the rhythm section in this band working together perfectly.

With some powerful lyrics that works harmoniously with the music they make, this band certainly throw some emotion in to their songs, songs like Reasons Why I Laugh And Cry, and Dreams And Pain really show that on this record and give it gravitas. The band here make some awesome melodies, that work together throughout the album so well, the production giving a heady fuzzy feeling to the record that really works for Vivienne The Witch on Shadowbox. Highlights for me are Reasons Why I Laugh And Cry, Strange Day and Pussy Pussy Pussy.



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