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Review: Basement – Promise Everything.

Basement release their new album in a week’s time, but you can listen to it in full thanks to Noisey right here. Probably the best thing to come out of Ipswich, Basement’s Promise Everything has such huge expectations because they are a band who have truly set the standard, creating only brilliant records.

Bring the melodies and aggression on this record, they balance one another out perfectly throughout this album making for such a great listen, tracks such as Submission are the perfect balance of aggressive guitars and big melodies, that makes this track one of the songs that stand out on this record.

Melodies are hugely important to this record and the band can slow down the pace with ease Basement really changes their style on this record from their grungey sound of the past to a record that really has some big melodies and it’s certainly not a bad thing at all. Tracks such as Oversized really make it clear what this band can do when it comes to making music, creating simple riffs that harmonise perfectly with Fisher’s vocals that are just excellent on this song.

Lyrically strong too, it’s clear they don’t write songs to fill a record and live this album is going to be amazing, the pace of the record and the hooks written on Promise Everything, makes it one of those records that should be played in full at some point as it works and plays together incredibly well. Tracks such as Blinded Bye and For You The Moon are some of the song that stand out, but this band their own style of writing to this record, and its as good as it’s ever been.

This band bring an amazing album on their return, people can say it’s a more accessible alternative album moving on from earlier records, however this band still have what they always have, talented guitarists that I feel are somewhat underrated as Stewart really brings so much to this album on bass and a great lead singer. Highlights for me are Oversized, Aquasun and Promise Everything – a track that seems like a bit of a throwback to their former sound, go listen.



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