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Review: Beautiful Bodies, Have Mercy, The Maine and Mayday Parade – 28/01/2016 – UEA LCR.

12654658_10207709103104176_2725580976660154761_nOne of the strongest tours to come to the UK, the Black Lines tour headlined by Mayday Parade arrived in Norwich last night and I was fortunate to be there. The tour continues tonight in Birmingham and heads on to London where the tour plays the Empire, but for now the LCR.

Beautiful Bodies opened the show tonight, with huge energy and big choruses that certainly grab your attention, and lead singer Alicia Solombrino’s moonwalk is pretty awesome, the band bringing the show to the crowd, by even playing in the middle of it, however it didn’t make ip for the sound drowning out her voice in places, the band gradually getting it together as they went on particularly Invincible being one of the highlights of the show.

Have Mercy however were very different, watching them sometimes felt like schadenfreude as lead singer Brian Swindle sung those songs like they had been written yesterday, there is no denying the depth this band have when it comes to creating melodies and strong vocals, that’s clear on their album A Place Of Our Own and it continues in their live show, however they don’t draw you in – if you love this band, you’ll love them live, but if you’re trying to be convinced it may be difficult for you to be drawn in by them, as they lack energy.

Even as a fan of The Maine, I know I may not seem objective, but this band really stepped up their game tonight and really stood out, bringing their live show for me to a whole new level, it’s clear this is the best the band has ever been. O’Callaghan’s vocals were strong as he brought a live show worth remembering, really taking to the stage and taking the crowd with him, with the kind of set I would have picked myself, with a mixture of older and new work, this band really did set the bar tonight.

Mayday Parade have so many songs to choose from when it comes to the creation of an incredibly excellent set, and it showed again tonight with old tracks such as Jersey and Three Cheers For Five Years in the set – the first song they ever wrote, and it sounded great, particularly opening track One Of Them Will Destroy The Other which is a highlight of the band’s new album. The band certainly brought some great tracks and some awesome energy, that really only this band can do.

A great show, with some awesome bands, it’s worth catching, for the brilliant sound of Have Mercy, the high energy of Beautiful Bodies, and The Maine just doing exactly what they do best. Go and see this tour while you can.




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